Community Guidelines

1) You can invite friends yourself without asking first. Anyone who has come from a referral is precisely the kind of person you and others like having here. If you do want to have people request access themselves, send them to the form at and have them mention your name. But really, just hit the “invite” button in Slack.

2) There is an incredibly civil and supportive group. There is no official code of conduct. This might be the one place on the internet where the Golden Rule works. Thank you.

3) I send emails every other week about updates from the community solely to community members. If you aren’t on that list somehow but want to be or want to use a different email address, just let me know. If you are on the list but don’t want the emails, unsubscribe. Your standing in the community is not affected by whether you get the emails. Allie and I always welcome more ways to improve the value of those emails.

4) There is an event list for the community. Please add other events and update where you’re attending, speaking, and exhibiting. If a lot of us will be somewhere, we can do some kind of meetup, and you can also reach out to people directly if you’ll overlap with someone.

5) Use the #selfpromo channel for any not-so-humble brags about yourself or your company. I love that this is also a group where people want to refrain from talking too much about themselves, but members here generally appreciate knowing more about what you’re doing. That’s why we have the channel.

6) Browse other channels. Beyond default channels, we have channels for some locations and topics. We can always add new channels or change others.

7) My own weekly newsletter is separate from the community updates. If you have events, jobs, or other links I should include, let me know. Even my mom had to opt in when she found out about this, as I never add anyone unless you specifically ask, so feel free to subscribe at or let me know if you want me to add you to that.

8) Every so often, I update the 100+ tech and service recommendation spreadsheet. I always welcome other additions to this.

9) This community will always be a work in progress, evolving with your participation and feedback. Please let me know any way this can ever be more valuable for you.