Serial Marketers Manifesto

Marketers are never alone.

              So we are typically great collaborators.

But we are often in understaffed and under-resourced departments or roles, making us feel very lonely.

Anyone can be a marketer.

So we can learn from anyone and everyone who has taken on marketing responsibilities as part of their roles.

But anyone can think the bar to marketing is very low and that anyone can do it.

Marketing is always changing.

              So we can’t be complacent, and we have to make sure we are always learning.

But we often don’t have the resources or time to do so, and we’ve all chased false promises that made us want to resort to tried-and-true approaches.

Marketers always have something to prove.

              So we show our work however we can and ensure we are as vital as salespeople in particular.

But we often don’t have the data to make our case, and we don’t always want to rely on data when we’re passionate about breaking new ground where data doesn’t exist yet.

Marketing values collaboration over competition.

              So we look to align ourselves with others we can learn from and grow with.

              But we often work in organizations where anyone outside the walls is the enemy.

Marketing is holistic.

So we want to look at every touchpoint that a brand has with its customers, prospects, and constituents, allowing us to deliver a strategic approach.

But we are often judged by the last moment of interaction – the last click, the last view, the last visit – forcing us to disproportionately focus on the narrow, bitter end of that funnel rather than breathing life into the breadth of attribution.

We accept our challenges but not our fates.

We do not need to be the last in, first out.

We do not need to be the saviors just as we don’t need to be the scorned.

We do not need to accept that marketing and sales are one and the same.

We know better.

We have done this before.

We will do it again.

We are Serial Marketers.

We learn.

              With every action. Every dollar. Every idea. Every conversation.

We try.

              We do. We enact. We imitate. We improve.

We share.

              With whoever will learn from us. With whoever will teach us.

We will open ourselves up to failure so that we can grow stronger and do better.

We are never finished.

There is no last slide. No last chart. No last click.

We keep going.

There are always more audiences to reach.

There are always more ways to reach them.

As Serial Marketers, we will find them.

We will Learn. Try. Share.