Esports Week

A thematic week brought to the Serial Marketers community by Thece featuring 3 separate events starting February 23rd.

Panel (Feb 23, 2021)

An enhanced Serial Salon with a 45-minute panel of experts. 3:00PM ET

Office Hours (Feb 24, 2021)

Pick the expert you want to learn from and book a 10 min time slot.  All Day

Gaming Upstream (Feb 25, 2021)

Listen to some experts and do some speed network.
12:00PM ET

Thece In partnership with the Serial Marketers is pleased to announce the first ever theme week at Serial Marketers. The week of February 22, 2021 all of the Serial Marketers organized events will be focusing on Esports and Gaming.The goal of the theme week is to show the community that Esports and Gaming are approachable and should be a regular part of any brands marketing and advertising mix.

Esports & Gaming @ Serial Marketers

Panel Speakers

Read a recap of the most important points of this exciting panel discussion.

Principal, StoryTech
Governor, Television Academy

Lori​ is an experiential marketing executive whose StoryTech initiative pairs brands, storytellers and technology companies together to create experiences that foster business success. StoryTech’s trends briefings, curation & tour products are well known globally through work @CES, @NAB, @NATPE and @IBC to name a few.

She sits on the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee for the Television Academy. You can find her broadcasting weekly on Voice America’s business channel on her ‘Tech Cat Show’​ where she talks tech with industry leaders.

Previously, Lori was Chief Technology Catalyst for McCann Worldgroup, NA, where she was responsible for driving technology innovation at one of the world’s largest marketing communications companies. She was the principal to launch the highly regarded IPGLAB ( where she advised Fortune 500 clients for the Interpublic Group of Companies like General Motors, Nestle, Sony and Yum! Brands.

I am the Founder and CEO of The Consumer Engagement Company. I am a lifelong entrepreneur. Having founded both product and agency companies at home and overseas, my business approach builds local and global impact. I am on a mission to bring the human element back to marketing, and do so at scale. I spend every day helping brands, event producers and content creators improve engagement with audience.

Thece launched the World first Livestream Ad Network at the tail end of 2020 to help brand have a simple mechanism to get in front of the highly-coveted esports and gaming audience in a simple media-driven format that delivers the holy grail of advertising: reach, frequency and conversions.

CEO, Executive Producer
Game Master

I am a sales/marketing/collaboration/ strategy & promotion machine and I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. I live to identify and solve problems and I believe that everything is measurable. From creating cross promotions and strategic partnerships for major corporations to finding just the right advertising mix to launch an international product campaign, I love the combination of creative and analytics it takes to develop a successful brand! With more than two decades in entertainment, media, and events marketing I’ve led product placement and sponsorship campaigns that have financed major music festivals and special events including college bowl games, music videos and fundraisers; developed major fundraising campaigns and partnerships for brands including Disney, Nokia, McDonalds, and Coca Cola.

Manager, Partnerships
IPG Media Lab

After honing his expertise across various IPG Mediabrands agencies over the last half decade, Ryan decided to take his talents to the IPG Media Lab. A former journalist and corporate comms specialist, Ryan has a keen ability for storytelling, communication, and sifting through the noise to unlock unique opportunities for his clients; skills that will serve him well in his role as Partnerships Manager. When Ryan is not evaluating startups and meeting with potential partners, you can find him cheffing up the spoils of his garden and panicking over Arsenal results

Thank you to all of our amazing Experts

David Berkowitz

Zachary Rozga

I would bet we have an expert who you can connect with on the Upstream Serial Marketers Community.

Please find one of our experts below.



Thank you to all of our amazing Experts

Gaming is not just about the boys! Women rule! Come to an Upstream session to hear from 2 women leaders in the gaming industry from Queens Gaming Collective.

David Berkowitz

Zachary Rozga