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The Fifth Annual Brandweek Summit returns live and in person. Come experience an unparalleled array of intimate sessions and exciting activities designed to educate, entertain and foster new connections with industry power players. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami, this experience will explore the marketing innovation and creativity that came from two years of societal upheaval. Join Adweek for five invigorating days alongside world-class brand leaders who will share their thoughts, challenges and the transformative strategies that will shape their futures.

Day 1: The Game Changers
While navigating the shifting moods of pandemic-weary consumers and technological advancements is no small feat, there is a powerful opportunity for our industry to respond in real time to consumers in meaningful ways. Inclusive, inspiring and distinctive experiences will set the pace for the transitions ahead and serve as guideposts as we prepare for the next chapter. Today, we highlight the leaders who continue to break new ground, challenge the status quo and soar to new heights in uncertain, unchartered territory—encouraging others to follow in their steps.

Day 2: The Agile Thinkers
As the global pandemic continues to reshape the customer journey in unprecedented ways, marketers must look to the key skills honed and relied upon over the past two years: agility, adaptability and innovation. Meeting audiences in the moment will be more critical than ever before, and to achieve this demands relentless curiosity and vigilance in identifying new trends and creative opportunities. Today, we invite the agile thinkers of our industry to explore how they’ve found success.

Day 3: The Next-Gen Marketers
Gone are the days where consumers engage with brands that simply push messages through advertising. Instead, they devote their loyalty to companies who are willing to step into a cultural conversation and listen to them. Content is no longer a one-way street and brands must differentiate by embracing diversity, crafting cutting edge experiences, and prioritizing authenticity. Today, we’ll hear from next-gen marketers who are successfully catering to a growing audience of digital natives and transcending social media platforms with stories that inspire.

Day 4: The Culture Cultivators
As we embrace a world of hybrid and remote work, the role of a culture that engages, rewards, and inspires will be instrumental for achieving business goals and retaining talent. Rapid advancements in technology and shifting behaviors will demand new business models, the creation of new roles and reimagining traditional ones.

Today, we welcome the cultural leaders of our space to discuss the pivotal inflection point of today’s workplace and get a glimpse into their predictions around the future of work.

Day 5: Brandweek Presents The Metaverse
Brandweek Presents the Metaverse – a full-day program powered by Brandweek – will explore the power, promise and potential of the new Internet including why it matters and what it means for brands and the future of our industry. Metaverse experiences offer consumers the opportunity to play, work, connect and buy – and brands must be ready to capitalize. This program will help brands start to think about how to unleash their creativity to create experiences to reach consumers at any point in their journey.

The full-day agenda includes thought leadership opportunities for Partners on the Main Stage, Workshops and Masterclasses alongside industry-leading brands, plus 1:1 meetings and networking.

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