Brand has never been a hotter topic in B2B than it is in 2022

This resurgence in brand focus has been driven by three profound shifts.

In the post-Covid, high-churn recruitment market Brand is an organization’s number one weapon in the battle to win.

B2B buying has evolved, with decision-makers preferring to ‘buy in’ to a company, rather than ‘buy from’ them.

Inclusivity and diversity have become a cornerstone of both organizational design and employee development.

At B2B Marketing Ignite USA, we’ll explore these intertwined themes in detail, and provide both the inspiration and the actionable solutions that B2B marketers need to succeed.

B2B Ignite USA is about giving you a truckload of fresh, practical, super-smart tactics and strategies.

The market we find ourselves in demands marketers partner with HR to enshrine an authentic and credible set of values and a unique culture, which make employee branding the first and best marketing tool at an organization’s disposal.

At Ignite USA 2022 you’ll discover:

  • How today’s B2B superbrands have reimagined their brand for this new era.
  • How to translate and deploy your brand into highly successful marketing messages and campaigns.
  • How to get buy-in to brand values from skeptical internal groups, at all levels, and turn doubters into advocates.
  • How to use brand to optimize internal culture to maximize effectiveness – both within the marketing team and beyond.

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10:00 am - 8:30 pm

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