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The Media Future Will Be Streamed, Tokened, Personalized

Digital publishing is poised for its next revolution…in consumption, technology and revenue. Time spent with non-linear video is dominating user attention and advertiser dollars. Web 3.0 will allow for tokenized, individual digital relationships with audiences. And the revenue opportunities for everything from NFTs to metaverse experiences to e-commerce, challenge all media companies to get out of their comfort zones in selling mere impressions and subs.

Let’s lean forward. At MediaPost’s annual Spring Publishing Insider Summit we challenge media executives to share their strategies and practical planning for change. What will the sustainable media revenue portfolio of 2024 look like? How will streaming media fit in? How do companies maintain their advertising base while investing in Web 3.0?

We will explore:

  • The diversified business plans 0f 2024
  • Streaming success for media brands
  • The new opportunities in e-commerce
  • NFTs and Web 3.0 for publishers
  • Post-cookie strategies for leveraging first-party data
  • The new face of content studios

Every aspect of the media business has become a moving target. At the MediaPost Publishing Insider summit we bring senior media business executives together to share their plans for getting ahead of the curve.

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7:30 pm

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