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Prospective Members

An inclusive community based in Slack, the 2,000+ Serial Marketers members share job opportunities, get recommendations for who to work with and what technologies to use, post event invites, showcase their latest projects, and support each other in countless ways. We’re always welcoming new members. Request access today at www.serialmarketers.net.

No. Most members don’t pay a cent.

I’m SO glad you asked. Yes, we do have Premium membership available for a low annual rate. Learn more at https://serialmarketers.net/pricing/.

Benefits include access to all our Salon video chat archives, the opportunity to post a profile on our Advisors profile, exclusive discounts, services listings in our Memberpedia member database, and more.

It’s up to you. Some members scan posts on occasion or read the weekly members-only emails with a roundup of all the community activity. Some members participate multiple times daily.

Most of the activity does take place in Slack on an ongoing basis, but we also use tools and platforms like Upstream, Zoom, Meetup, and Clubhouse to connect with each other and share information.

Prospective Subscribers

Really. This was one of the goals for coming up with a paid plan: add value for paid members without taking anything away for free members.

Free members still get full access to the community. You can still post jobs. You’ll still get the newsletter every other week with member updates. You can still attend weekly video chats (the Salons) and the 1:1 SpeedUp events hosted on Upstream, along with any others like First Wednesday. You can still log in as often as you want and connect with as many members as you want. You can still use #wanted and #offers and even the #bookclub to your heart’s content. You still get access to the members-only Meetup group. And you’ll get to keep connecting with everyone else here, even as the membership keeps growing.

Not everyone will want to pay. Some won’t have the budget, even with a package designed to be as reasonable as possible. That’s fine. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m so thrilled you’re here, and there are so many others who are just as appreciative. None of that changes. I’m touched that you care about this group enough to even read this. Thank you.

Not for charity or for goodwill.

You should become a premium member because you selfishly want access to what’s launching for the community (see more below).

And, as a bonus, you’ll get to fund this roadmap so it happens a heck of a lot faster.

When you subscribe to Serial Marketer’s annual plan, you get a ton of perks for one straightforward, annual rate. Your investment in the community will create even more opportunities where you can invest in yourself and your business.

  • Video recordings and transcripts from weekly Serial Marketers Salons (including archives)
  • The opportunity to join Serial Marketers Advisors where you can host ‘office hours’ around your specified areas of expertise; you can charge a fee or do it pro bono to generate leads
  • Services listings in the Memberpedia member database (anyone can update their own profile, but only Premium members post services)
  • Opportunity to feature classified-style ‘wanted’ or ‘offered’ listings in the Serial Marketers bi-weekly newsletter (based on availability)
  • Opportunity to submit thought leadership materials to a central library exclusively for Serial Marketers members
  • 10% discount on community membership for each of up to four additional members of your team
  • 10% off rate card for sponsoring Serial Marketers events and Serial Marketer newsletter (pending availability)
  • Early access to new features and resources launched by Serial Marketers

There’s much more planned, so as more people subscribe, it will contribute to an even richer roadmap that everyone in the community will benefit from.

I thought of offering that and wrote all the offer details. But most didn’t make sense for someone who would join for a month or two and then leave; the benefits make much more sense for someone who will be in the group for months if not years.

I won’t rule out adding a monthly plan down the road, but it likely will be minimal value compared to the annual and lifetime plans.

Because I want to.

Okay, you deserve a better response.

For two years, Serial Marketers has been a hobby. As the community grows, so does my time investment. That’s all because I want to spend time doing this, and if I could, I’d spend all my time doing this.

Along the way, I’ve received messages on an increasingly frequent basis from people who are deriving a ton of value from it. I love that. I’m thrilled every time I hear about someone hiring others in the group, sourcing tech or service recommendations, connecting with others in the group, learning something new, and saving time.

I want to build on that and create new ways for members to derive value. I’ve started to invest in more resources behind the scenes. We have some talented freelancers around the world contributing in ways such as editing the newsletter, creating marketing automations, and web design and development.

Most of it though will go toward four areas:

  • Additional freelance staff, and more hours from existing staff
  • Product development
  • Tech subscriptions (Trello, Zapier, Mailchimp, and more; I love recommendations too)
  • Marketing and advertising (this makes sense for a marketing community, right?)

If there are ways you’d like to contribute to any of this, please let me know. Even if something isn’t feasible immediately, maybe there are other opportunities coming up.

No. There is a private channel for premium members to help communicate with them and roll out access to new features. For most purposes day-to-day, it won’t be clear to anyone who’s a premium member.

The rate of the annual plan may increase over time.

Write David Berkowitz in Slack or email him.

Current Subscribers

  • Video recordings from weekly Serial Marketers Salons (including archives and special events)
  • The opportunity to join Serial Marketers Advisors where you can host office hours around your areas of expertise
  • Opportunity to share exclusive promotions or offers featured in the weekly Serial Marketers community newsletter and on our members-only website
  • Opportunity to share Member News featured in the newsletter
  • A featured services listing in the private Memberpedia database exclusive to the community
  • 30% discount on Premium membership for each of up to four additional members of your team
  • 15%-50% discounts on sponsorships of the recommendation site MarketerFaves.com
  • 10% off rate card for sponsoring Serial Marketers events and Serial Marketer newsletter (pending availability)
  • Early access to new features and resources launched by Serial Marketers

Go to www.serialmarketers.net and visit the Premium Hub (Members Only) section. Log in with your Slack account.

DM or email David to give him a heads up. He needs to approve it and then have KnowledgeUp make it live, so it could take a few days to go live.

They’re all on the Premium Member Hub at serialmarketers.net. If you’re looking for a recent one that’s not up there yet, contact David for a Dropbox link; it will also be on the portal soon, as they’re updated at least monthly.

A couple of interviews had recording issues, so a limited number of archived interviews are unavailable.

Visit here. Log in with your Slack account, or use a username and password if you created one.

You get to share Services that are then featured on the Services tab.

DM David, and he’ll give you the discount codes.

DM David, and he’ll give you the best deals available.

Weekly Video Series

It’s an interactive gathering where Serial Marketers members can learn from a featured guest – usually about marketing-focused topics but sometimes broader business and life issues. Serial Marketers founder David Berkowitz hosts every edition.

Serial Marketers is a 2,000-member professional community that interacts mostly over Slack, but also using Upstream, Zoom, email, and proprietary web experiences. Members most actively seek and share jobs and gigs, get tech and service recommendations, build their networks, and support each other any way they can.

They take place every Tuesday at 3pm EST / 12pm PST .

We are working on getting language you can use across social channels. We currently promote this most extensively to members through Slack, our email newsletter, and our private members-only Meetup group (as a community member or speaker, you’re welcome to join it).

The session is live with member participation. All sessions are recorded and available on-demand for premium members of the community.

Your choice. Some speakers include 5-15 minutes of slides. You’re welcome to share your screen for any or all of the session, whether for live demos, slides, or any other visual aids. Most speakers opt for a fireside chat with the host, David Berkowitz, and encourage participation from the members present.

The whole session lasts one hour.

If you want to chat before, that’s fine, but most speakers choose not to.

Upstream SpeedUp

Upstream is an app to host commuities like Serial Marketers to offer speed networking events, guest speakers, office hours, and more.

Events are typically 30-minute sessions where you meet four different people for five minutes each over view. There is sometimes a guest speaker at the beginning.

Go to www.upstreamapp.com, register, and find the Serial Marketers group in the directory. Then request access, and David will let you in.

Every day or two, I review member requests and let in community members. If you requested to join and it has taken longer than that, check with David.

  • Join the Upstream group. You can see listings under the Events tab.
  • Read the weekly community email newsletter.
  • Follow the #events channel in Slack.
  • Check out the Serial Marketers calendar at https://serialmarketers.net/events/ .

No, these are free. You don’t need to be a Premium member either.

Add as much info as possible, including your bio, email

Upstream events work on iPhone, Android, and the web.

You’ll meet members of the Serial Marketers community, or potentially others who request to join on Upstream and are vetted so that they belong in this group.

No, you’re matched with members of the community who show up to that event. It’s not ‘random’ in the sense of

Yes! You should browse them. There are several that are likely relevant for you covering topics like marketing, business development, networking, startups, and more.

$CMO Marketing Coin

To learn more about Creator Coins and their originator, Rally.io, I recommend visiting Rally’s FAQ page. It goes much deeper into how it works. This page focuses on the applications of it using $CMO.

It’s the Marketing Coin housed on Rally.io that is helping create an economy within Serial Marketers.

It’s a platform for hosting Creator Coins. Rally’s coins are based on Ethereum and are traded on other exchanges. Creator coins’ value are pegged to Rally’s value. Again, read Rally’s FAQ pages fore more.

Generally, it’s people with audiences and communities. Creators like Clubhouse moderators and Twitch streamers are common, but there are a number of business professionals too.

We’ll share a mormal menu, but here are a few ideas:

  • Tip members of the community $CMO coins when they’re helpful in some way (you can use the #kudos channel as well)
  • Donate coins back to the community through David’s account (dberkowitz)
  • You’ll soon be able to purchase upgrades like Premium membership and certain kinds of sponsorship with coins

Absolutely. You can do this yourself already — just request, say, 10 $CMO, and then you’ll mention someone on your podcast or in your newsletter. Or allow someone to book an hour of time with you for a certain amount of $CMO.

Yes. $CMO is tied to Rally’s coin which is built on Ethereum. It does have a dollar value that fluctuates constantly. Each Creator Coin has its own value.

Yes, you can. Rally will pay dividends to creators whose members currently hold a certain threshold of coins, so then all members benefit — yourself included. It is still very early, so there is some upside to holding. But you can convert $CMO to Rally tokens and cash out. Note there will be limits to how much you can cash out via certain methods, and there will be various fees depending on the method.


David Berkowitz

10:27 AM

@Leo Morejon / MoreLeo created a site with a demo version of how $CMO can be integrated into other sites. Basically, I set up campaigns in Rally and then transfer payments over, while giving the originator a premium to make it worth their while. I’ll give more generous bounties initially to make it worth it if you test this out, so DM me if you have an idea for something you want to charge for, and I’ll set it up. The price you charge can either be in $CMO or in USD (like Leo did). If it’s $CMO, the USD price will just vary, or vice versa for CMO.Ultimately, the benefit for all is that as more people own $CMO, Rally will pay out rewards to holders of the coins like an added dividend. I wouldn’t use this for something you’re counting on for your livelihood, as this is way too early for that. But for something where you want to test out new offerings and payment methods while dabbling in using blockchain-based payments that also support all the community’s coinholders, then it could be of interest and maybe even pretty profitable, as the coin value has gone up quite a bit from when it was announced.



Coming soon as we roll out www.marketerfaves.com

Job Resources

These are job resources that I also feature in my Serial Marketer Weekly newsletter where you can find lots of new and often exclusive job listings.

  • Advisable: Get instant access to top marketing freelancers
  • AMA Job Board: Listings from the American Marketing Association (maybe you can also ask them anything)
  • Beeler.Tech: Job listings for ad operations, programmatic account management, sales operations, and more.
  • Built in NYC: Jobs at a range of levels and functions, as long as you’re okay working in this quaint, backwater hamlet.
  • CareerList: Here’s a form for companies hiring and a form for job seekers; here’s the public list with tabs for both
  • Content Writing Jobs: Content marketers, enjoy
  • Creative Women of Color: List yourself in the database and find talent, via Women Who Create
  • Demand Curve: Growth and marketing jobs
  • ExecThread: Senior roles spanning a range of verticals and cities; membership is free but fully vetted (this uses my referral ID to get you in faster)
  • Gently Ventures: Helps scale businesses by finding the right talent
  • GLG: Get paid to share your topical expertise; it can lead to some interesting conversations at a potentially decent hourly rate
  • Growth Collective: Apply to join this network of notable freelance marketers
  • Grace Blue Transitions: A portal for hirers and seekers with resources from this exec recruiting firm
  • The Hired Guns: An array of jobs in marketing and related fields at brands, agencies, and media companies
  • Hue: Amplifying voices of people in color working in marketing
  • Hunterz: A way for connectors to get paid to introduce startups to large enterprises
  • Lead5: A paid service for executive roles, plus intel on changes with companies and PE investments; you can try a risk-free weeklong trial to see if it’s any good for your needs
  • Lunch Club: Match 1:1 around predetermined goals with accomplished professionals (free)
  • NYC Ad Jobs & Networking: A popular Facebook group
  • One Club for Creativity: COVID-19 jobs Board
  • #OpenToWork: There’s a channel in Serial Marketers where you can share what you’re looking for
  • Pangea: Where you can hire college freelancers (and college students can get gigs)
  • Pocit: A platform connecting people of color with jobs in the tech industry
  • Remotists: Remote startup jobs, chronicled weekly
  • Sales Hustle Stack: Find platform-based gigs and other creative ways to earn some extra cash
  • Startup.Jobs: There’s a section for marketing jobs
  • Teal Job Tracker: A free Chrome extension to manage and enhance your job search
  • TechNY Daily: While more technical, there are also some sales and marketing jobs at NY startups.
  • VC Job Boards: AlephEniac Ventures, PearSequoiaUnion Square Ventures
  • VentureLoop: Free startup job listings; their paid option is $15/month and might surface more leads (but it might not).
  • Venwise: Submit your job interests here and get in front of their roster of hiring leads; select “Serial Marketers” under “How did you find us”
  • Wanted: Wanted helps top talent in tech and marketing find a job at your desired pay.

David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz launched Serial Marketers in July 2018 with a simple post on LinkedIn asking his connections if they would want to join a private, supportive community for marketers with the motto, “Learn. Try. Share.”

Every month, dozens of others join and add to the success stories of professionals who find business partners, save time vetting technologies, meet inspiring people, and learn new ideas that help them further excel in their roles and careers.

David is the founder of the Serial Marketer consultancy who has 20 years of experience working with agencies, technology startups, and Fortune 500 brands. You can follow him on LinkedIn or Twitter and subscribe to his weekly newsletter. He is the author of Berky’s Marketing English.

30 Days of Serial Marketers (coming soon)

Coming soon... embark on a journey of epic proportions. Or at least get more out of Serial Marketers.

Introduce yourself in the #lounge.

  1. Download the Slack app to your mobile and/or desktop device; it makes it easier to stay connected with the community and manage multiple communities
  2. Join Upstream and request access to the Serial Marketers group there.
  3. RSVP to an event in the Serial Marketers Upstream group (better still, attend!).
  4. Join the Serial Marketers Meetup group to keep tabs on our in-person events and others.
  5. Share something you need support with in the #wanted channel.
  6. Check the #wanted channel and find a post you can help with; respond to them there or direct message them.
  7. Invite a peer, either from within the Slack app (search the menu of options) or send them to serialmarketers.net and have them click "Join now for free"
  8. Browse other channels. There are dozens of channels not included as defaults for all members. These include topics (#productmarketing, #seo, #socialmedia, #blockchain) and geographies.
  9. Suggest another channel for the community that doesn't exist yet. Optional: offer to host it by starting discussions and adding members within the community.
  10. Check out the weekly community email newsletter -- it arrives in your inbox just about every Tuesday.
  11. Browse our industry event calendar.
  12. Submit an event https://serialmarketers.net/events/
  13. Update your profile on the Memberpedia member directory
  14. Sign up for the Serial Marketer Weekly newsletter
  15. Looking for work? Visit the Serial Marketers job board, as well as the #jobs channel. You can also see this list of job resources.
  16. Hiring? Post a job in the #jobs channel and submit it to the #jobs board.
  17. Hear of a job lately that has a public link, or would the hiring lead be okay with you sharing it with our community? Post it in the #jobs channel, and we'll make sure any public role gets on the job board too.
  18. Visit MarketerFaves.com and explore listings. Vote up an entry you like.
  19. Submit a listing at MarketerFaves.com. What else should be there?
  20. If you're in New York, join a First Wednesday event (see Meetup). They're always the first Wednesday of the month at 5-7pm EST.
  21. Promote yourself. It's okay -- you're a marketer! Use the #selfpromo channel.
  22. Come up with an Offer for your own business and share it with the #offers channel. If it's something you want to get even more exposure for with the community, DM David to hear more about how it works.
  23. Check the offers and discounts on the member site
  24. Greet a new member introducing themselves in the #lounge. Even a simple 'like' of their post is a nice acknowledgement.
  25. Follow Serial Marketers on LinkedIn
  26. Follow us on Twitter
  27. Follow us on Instagram
  28. Follow us on Facebook
  29. Sign up for Rally.io (free), and create a username,  https://rally.io/creator/CMO/
  30. DM David, tell him your Rally ID, and he'll send you a few coins just to try it out.
  31. Follow $CMO on Bonfire to get access to exclusive coin drops.
  32. Share your feedback with David about what you think of the community, along with anything else you'd want to get out of it and any ideas you have to participate further.

Join the Meetup group for community members