Memberpedia Version 1.3.1

– New profiles for Featured Members added
– New profiles for Members added
– Contact Form Email Sender changed to

Memberpedia Version 1.3

– All Services Page Layout changed
– Auto-place of  “https://” for Website widget on a single service pages removed
– New profiles for Featured Members added
– New profiles for Members added
– “Sign in with Slack” solution for error indicated on sign-in popup.

Memberpedia Version 1.2

– Support page added
– Changed recommended size for the banner (displayed on the profile editor)
– Note on Sign in with Slack to resolve the error
– Note on Changing the password by profile editor

Memberpedia Version 1.1

– Login on top bar relocated to Menu bar with a separate page
– Work History display
– All Services page to view all posted services.
– A Newsletter Ad on every regular members profile to get updates and info.
– Search bars with shadows to make them visible.
– All premium members on Featured Members page

– Memberpedia Version can be seen on right top bar now


Error Details: invalid_team_for_non_distributed_app


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Signing in with Slack and Signing in with Memberpedia Login fields are not the same.

Sign in with Slack - is a quick social login connected by an OAuth that gives permission if you are a member of Serial Marketers Workplace.


Memberpedia Login fields require your email and a generated password which you can get if you click on the "Forgot Password" button.


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