Serial Marketers Insights: The Metaverse

Serial Marketers Insights: The Metaverse

In this inaugural edition of Serial Marketers Insights, we asked select members of the community, “What opportunities for marketing in the metaverse do you think are most interesting for marketers? If you don’t think there are any, share that as well and explain why.”
Below are their survey responses and specific answers. Thanks to all the community members who participated.

How significant do you think the metaverse will be for marketers by the end of 2022? ​​

1 = not at all, 5 = very

How significant do you think the metaverse will be for marketers by the end of 2025?

1 = not at all, 5 = very

What opportunities for marketing in the metaverse do you think are most interesting for marketers? If you don't think there are any, share that as well and explain why.

Right now, big brands doing branding plays and “land grabs”. Smaller companies will remain in the paid social / paid search area until a sufficient percentage of the population goes into Web3. There will be segments which will go into Web3 faster than others- luxury goods, new high tech products, some higher end cars, etc.

Matthew Silverman
Silverman Consulting LLC

I don’t know yet, but I suspect there are many

Beth Granger / Twitter
Beth Granger Consulting

[Web3] is a chance for marketers to shift away from thinking about people as passive consumers and more like fans and participants. And here is a great article that really captured the essence and value of the new and potential metaverse.

Steve Goldner / Twitter
Currently Lucid Green, but moving on

Influencer seeding, experiential marketing, and brand integration (with the platform) are really interesting right now.

Samir Balwani

B2B applications and opportunities (which naturally lag B2C)

Jeremy Woolf Twitter
Jeremy Woolf Consulting, LLC

Attracting younger fans and customers

Weston Woodward Twitter
Iron Light Labs

I think the Metaverse will offer opportunities for advertising and for in-game offers.

B.L. Ochman Twitter

I think the metaverse is absolutely on the rise and as with any new technology or industry, marketing is a key crucial component.

Chris Fronda

The “metaverse” is still being defined and the marketing opportunities this year will best be confined to Experiential Marketing Budgets. Like hosting a concert in Roblox or Fortnite. Scalable or repeatable experiences are coming but are most likely 18-24 months away.

Zachary Rozga Twitter

In the short-term, I think there’ll be an opportunity for agencies to make money from clients who have FOMO. At the same time, unless there are some compelling reasons to pretend to be in this “shared hallucination” that has no actual physical reality, regular old non-industry people may try out the various events that happen there once or twice like they did with Second Life, but not form the habit of jacking in. Brands buying a fake location “next to” a fake location owned by a famous person isn’t a sustainable model for attracting visitors – unless there’s a damned good reason for them to go. And remember, unless those visitors become paying customers of the brand, it’s just an expensive wank-fest (and possible case study for Cannes, I suppose). The purpose of marketing is ultimately to drive sales. If it doesn’t, stop doing it. At the same time, if we move away from the definition of “metaverse = avatar-driven fake reality” and towards “the data that I need is available to me regardless of location, platform, meatspace, bitspace, or mixed reality” then I think we’re on to something.

Mark Avnet
Converging Arts LLC

I’m not really sure what the metaverse is. It is not very well defined and not known how people will actually use it. Too many unknowns. But on the other hand, there are unlimited opportunities for marketers to take advantage of.

Kenneth Simon Twitter
KBS Marketing

As a marketer that jumped on the hype without knowing too much, I bought up some stadiums, parks, and nature attraction spaces that I heard a rumor would one day be good advertising spaces.

Jason Berkowitz
Break The Web

I think there are always new trends to watch, but more than that, it’s tools and tactics that work! Who else is trying something new, and what is their perspective? I want to learn from my colleagues.

Kat Krieger Twitter
Radical Customer Experience

I’m not sure I agree with the positioning of “in the metaverse”…. but regardless I think there are a ton of opportunities to leverage AR, VR, and immersive technologies in marketing activations. That could be in the form of branded clothing and swag, simply putting up digital billboards in virtual environments, or creating AR experiences in real-life environments, such as at concerts, sports games, or retail. Lots of opportunities exist today and have existed for years, and are getting better and better as the technology improves and more people use it.

Orli LeWinter

How brands will integrate with other larger partners and increase revenue, i.e. Roblox partnerships recently announced

Alicia Molnar Twitter
cb.i digital

I think marketers can reimagine affiliate marketing in the metaverse for the benefit of everyone involved. Changes in NIL regulations let Adidas turn 50,000 college athletes into ambassadors making affiliate commissions. Brands can do the same in the metaverse. As more brands buy or build virtual storefronts, fan meetups with influencers will drive foot traffic as it does IRL. That’s an affiliate opportunity. Imagine a retailer with a roster of influencers available to engage fans virtually and get paid commission like a sales associate would at the mall. They can tap into real fans and product experts, typically micro-influencers, for trusted recommendations during the buyers’ journey.

Shawn Kallet Twitter

I think the opportunities for marketing, for now, will be mostly focused on certain industries, such as gaming and entertainment. Widespread applications will take years.

Steve Markman Twitter
Markman Speaker Management, LLC

Wherever there are audiences, there will be marketing. I can imagine all forms of marketing communications working. Advertising, lead gen, influencer, community, events, content, etc. We’ll need some kind of targeting capabilities to be baked into the environment.

Ruth Stevens Twitter
eMarketing Strategy

I think marketing in the metaverse will be similar to marketing in any other medium, It will help pay for content and be in A/R form vs. in print, on TV, streaming, or other platforms. So you might be experiencing something via the metaverse only to have a “commercial break” so to speak.

Amy Gittelman
Populus Media

As a membership token for loyalty, rewards, VIP customers and influencers, exclusive community building for a brand.

Jeff Sass Twitter, etc.

I think we are too early for big brands to market in the metaverse. There are no solid projects yet that provide enough visibility, and the chances of picking projects that fail and shine a negative light on brands are high. I would sit on the sidelines here, appoint a small team to watch the space, and learn from other people’s mistakes

Boris Pfeiffer Twitter
Riddle Technologies AG

An evolution of audience engagement that is more interactive than web2, where people interact with brands in new ways: collectibles, experiences, and thriving communities free of algorithms, data collection, and where successful strategies provide value and/or utility.

Ashmi Elizabeth Dang Twitter
Wayfarer Studios