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Member Testimonials

Leslie Forde Founder, Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs

I've been amazed at how supportive and knowledgeable this community is. Many of us are seasoned marketers and although strategy remains pretty consistent, tactics change constantly. Having a safe space to ask questions and learn new techniques is invaluable. I recently reached out for help to connect with experts with Generation Z marketing experience. Within minutes, I received two responses that helped advance my project.

Mark Avnet Founder, Converging Arts LLC

The Serial Marketers Slack community has to be the most-sharingest-of-great-information-and-advice folks I’ve ever come across - partly because its ethos derives from David Berkowitz and his approach to being a professional, essentially, learn from and help everyone and we all get better - and partly because it’s populated with some amazing people. Sign up - what are you waiting for?!

Toby Bloomberg President, Bloomberg Marketing

Imagine a global, digital community of marketers where people share ideas, learn from each other, and have fun. Imagine a global, digital community of marketers where there is no snark. Imagine a global, digital community of marketers with channels to discuss industry news, books, events, and more. No need to imagine – Serial Marketers on Slack is real with a growing and engaged community.

Warren Zenna CEO, Zenna Consulting Group

The Serial Marketers Slack community has proven its value immediately. Within a week of becoming a member, I not only got connected to a whole new set of very high caliber marketing professionals, I was also introduced to three new business opportunities and a few full-time opportunities. More importantly, the channel is chock full of intelligence and information about the market, new tools and strategies, great Q&A and very targeted updates on whats happening in the industry. I look at it multiple times daily.

Gina Waldhorn COO, Sports Innovation Lab

There isn’t any other place I’ve derived so much value from spending just ten minutes a day. Through Serial Marketers I found an incredible graphic designer who I’ve now hired for his third project, I saved dozens of hours by being recommended a tech solve I would have never found on my own, and I’ve been exposed to creative thought leadership from varied global perspectives not found in any other marketing group I’ve joined over the past decade.

Zachary Rozga CEO, Thece

I appreciate being a part of the Serial Marketers community. I have found myself in several direct messages and on phone calls with people who have been really open to sharing and doing what they can to help. I also used some of the articles posted in news to help position the problem that my company is seeking to solve! I have been around several different iterations of Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and now Slack channels over the years, and the Serial Marketers group genuinely has a different vibe that doesn't seem to be sell, sell, sell but rather one of camaraderie and support, which could have a side benefit of more business.